Our Story

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At Matcha Fuel we have a simple goal; to create a high quality, responsibly sourced matcha that brings people together. One that starts conversations, creates laughter, and moments to appreciate those along with us on this journey of life.

The story behind it all...

Organic Matcha Fuel

 Hi! I'm James Cuffe, and back in 2018 Matcha Fuel was born (shortly after my last sip of coffee, feeling exhausted and unable to focus).

I'm not mad at coffee, just disappointed. 

We all love that electric feeling when you take that first sip of a coffee (or energy drink)...

So you start to drink more cups of coffee over time...

...convincing yourself that the more you drink, the better you'll feel and the more energy you'll have.

But eventually, it comes crashing down and you can't enjoy coffee anymore.

At least that's what it was like for me.

I started getting 'the jitters', followed by anxiety, a mood plummet, and lastly a crash after a few hours of drinking...

And I know you can relate to how bad those crashes can get.

Often, I would find myself exhausted and unable to focus, so I would start drinking more and more coffee, because I thought it was my only option for boosting energy levels.

At this point, the amount of caffeine I was drinking caused stress hormones such as cortisol to constantly increase.

I was tired of drinking endless amounts of coffee, energy drinks and pre-workouts that left me feeling worse.

It just wasn't sustainable at all.

That led me to look for a healthier alternative...one which would give me that bolt of energy without the migraines, crashes or nasty caffeine side effects.

Luckily, I made an amazing discovery and was able to try first-hand the benefits of drinking organic matcha.

I was INSTANTLY hooked.

It only has 1/3 of caffeine compared to a cup coffee, yet provides me with longer lasting energy and focus throughout the day!

And the best part? 

I get no caffeine side effects, and it delivers bacteria-fighting antioxidants, and highly concentrated nutrients in every serving -- great for your immune system and general health!

But with every great discovery, there comes some setbacks...

I learned in my discovery that there are other types of 'matcha' that just don't cut it...

I tried hundreds of different matcha brands on the market expecting to get the best results, only to end up with something that was bitter, tasted like pond water and left me feeling even worse.

And for the good stuff, well...let's just say it's incredibly expensive. 

I knew there had to be something in this wonderful world that didn't involve questionable chemicals, lack of care, a poor production line or an overpriced product.

So I embarked on a personal mission to find the most potent, best-tasting, and purest matcha I could possibly find.

This long search led me to a beautiful family-owned farm in Kagoshima, Japan, where arguably the best and purest organic matcha in the world can be found.

I brought the matcha I found back with me to the U.K,  and it became my new everyday fuel.

This new love for matcha soon turned into my lifelong advocacy to help anyone and everyone who wants more energy to do the things they love, without making them feel terrible or sacrificing health.