About Us

Matcha is a great way to incorporate an abundance of goodness into your life - whether that's on the go, or at home. In its raw potent form, only the finest matcha should be consumed. However, finding high quality matcha can be very tricky, and not to mention the horrible price tag that comes with it. That's why Matcha Fuel was born. We source only the highest quality matcha, at a reasonable price.

The Harvest

Our matcha is only grown once every year. When it runs out, it cannot be replaced until the next harvest (in May of each year). Our growing region is located in the mountainous region of Kagoshima, Japan. This region is so unique due to the subtropical climate with distinct seasons, and a precipitation pattern that provides the perfect growing conditions. The high-altitude, fresh air and rich soil is what makes our beautiful organic farm so great to grow the perfect blend of exclusive potent matcha.
The rare growing conditions and traditional harvesting methods that we embody, ensures that the leaves are nutrient dense and flavourful. Because of this, they're exponentially packed with more nutrients, amino acids and antioxidants.

The Process

Our harvesters select only the finest and distinctive quality leaves to be handpicked, as they guarantee the highest nutritional value. This timing is crucial to result in the cultivation of only superior quality, as it takes a true master with years of experience to choose the optimum time for harvesting.

  • Shade grown for 3-4 weeks prior to harvest to boost nutrient content
  • Selectively handpicked, with stems and veins removed to improve texture and taste
  • Stone ground into an ultra fine powder, keeping delicate nutrients intact.
  • Carefully packed into air tight, high grade packaging to prevent oxidation from air and UV light

Our Guarantee

We know that low quality matcha may carry a lot of pesticides, heavy metals and even radiation. Some matcha is even diluted with sugar, fibre and other additives to improve flavour and texture.
That's why our production is thoroughly monitored and documented in every step of the process to surpass Organic and ISO22000 certification standards, approved by the Organic Food Federation UK and JAS Organic.
We ensure every batch is regularly tested to ensure our matcha is free from heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful substances. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our product.

What we're all about

Being affordable - Matcha Fuel costs 0.60p for 1 serving. For a high quality Matcha like ours, we believe this is very reasonably priced.

High manufacturing standards - The quality and safety of our products is our first priority. Our Matcha production is thoroughly monitored and documented in every step of the process to surpass ISO22000 certification standards. Every batch is also tested for pesticides and heavy metals, so you can be sure what you're consuming is safe.

Being healthy - We are proud to announce that we are 100% certified organic by the Organic Food Federation. 

Being ethical - All Matcha Fuel products are 100% vegan, dairy free and sourced sustainably and ethically. 

Zero food waste - As you can only use the Matcha Fuel you need to consume, and it has a year-long shelf life, Matcha Fuel produces zero food waste.