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matcha as it should be.

Our matcha is brought to life in the mountainous region of Kagoshima, Japan. Grown in mineral rich, volcanic soil, our family of expert farmers have passionately honed their craft over generations of experience.

why us?

crafted by experts.

Our growing region produces leaves that are more nutrient-dense than leaves grown in other regions. This is due to the climate, altitude, fertile soil and fresh water.

Harvested from the most potent part of the plant, only the finest and distinctive quality leaves are handpicked, as they guarantee the highest nutritional value, providing you with maximum benefits.

lab tested for purity, potency and safety.

We know that low quality matcha may carry a lot of pesticides, heavy metals and even radiation. Some matcha is even diluted with sugar, fibre and other artificial additives to improve flavour, colour and texture.

That's why we always take the extra step to test our products using a third party laboratory, and to meet strict guidelines that surpass Organic and ISO22000 certification standards from farm to cup.

bold in taste.

Forget bitter grass clippings. Our matcha has a deeply rich and balanced flavour profile, boasting notes of creamy dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut, with a very smooth yet floral umami finish.

don't take our word for it.

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