How to Prepare

There are multiple ways to prepare matcha, but here are just a few easier modern techniques. Clumping of the powder might occur depending on the application used.

Here are some tips to prevent clumping:
  • Sift the matcha powder before whisking with hot water to remove the lumps
  • Whisk matcha properly to break the lumps (or use a shaker, blender or frother)
  • Use hot water (70C, not boiling water)
  • More water or less matcha powder (ratio has to be right)
  • If you are making matcha drinks such as a matcha latte, prepare your matcha tea first then only add sugar and milk into it. If you add matcha directly into milk, you will get lumps in your matcha latte drink (unless you sift it)
  • Prepare the matcha tea in a separate cup

Using a Frother:

Using a Water Bottle:

Using a Portable Blender: