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Organic Matcha Fuel

Ben Socrates - United Kingdom says:

"I've been drinking this Matcha Fuel ceremonial tea for a few weeks, having dipped in and out of matcha over the last few years. This is among the tastiest/freshest looking and very good value. I still love to start my day with a coffee, but preparing matcha does not compare to the faff of grinding beans, setting up the aeropress, disposing of the filter and grounds, and cleaning it down. Matcha tea is one of the most easy and enjoyable things to make - half a teaspoon goes in, start the electric whisk with a swig of oat milk and a drop of honey, then pour in hot water whilst continuing to whisk until frothy! And I haven't even begun to try some of the other recipes that people are sharing online. The energy/mindfulness boost it gives is perfect for the midday slump, especially with everyone working from home. 100% recommended!"

Organic Matcha Fuel
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