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Organic Matcha Fuel

Ben Socrates - United Kingdom says:

"I've been drinking this Matcha Fuel ceremonial tea for a few weeks, having dipped in and out of matcha over the last few years. This is among the tastiest/freshest looking and very good value. I still love to start my day with a coffee, but preparing matcha does not compare to the faff of grinding beans, setting up the aeropress, disposing of the filter and grounds, and cleaning it down. Matcha tea is one of the most easy and enjoyable things to make - half a teaspoon goes in, start the electric whisk with a swig of oat milk and a drop of honey, then pour in hot water whilst continuing to whisk until frothy! And I haven't even begun to try some of the other recipes that people are sharing online. The energy/mindfulness boost it gives is perfect for the midday slump, especially with everyone working from home. 100% recommended!"

Organic Matcha Fuel


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This is lovely and smooth and doesn't have the usual bitter aftertaste of the other matcha green teas I've tried. I also felt energised and more awake after, but without the energy slump that I get from coffee.


I can’t get along with it because it is always so lumpy :/


Im not a connoisseur of Matcha by any stretch, in fact I can only compare it to a ceremonial grade one my daughter has (she loves matcha). So my thoughts/words Id use to describe the difference between the two! are as follows. The matcha fuel definitely has: smoother taste, more vibrancy, a feeling/taste of overall better quality. It hasn't yet replaced my coffee, I prefer mine cold so to me they are two different kinds of drinks. I have mine late morning ice cold with Innocent coconut milk, cold water, frozen Mango, banana etc, scoop of protein powder, squirt of majool date syrup and some desiccated coconut. I find this is often enough to replace my breakfast and keeps me sustained for some time. My main reason for purchase was its overall health benefits and being in a fairly brutal Menopause some extra nutrients and help!!🙈

Matcha Fuel 2 Month Supply

This stuff is amazing!

This is hands down the best Matcha I have ever tasted! It’s delicious and gives me great energy throughout the day with no crash or jitters. I look forward to mine every single morning. Like seriously excited! The only downside for me was the price and how small the pack was when it arrived. So I will probably have to alternate between this and a slightly cheaper brand. Will definitely keep an eye out for any Matcha fuel offers!

Love my matcha

Still giving me more energy so ordered more plus the spoon , also had to get my order in for the new sachets when they arrive as they will be great for work 💪

Great quality

Lovely taste hoping to see benefits. Expense should be worth it.

Nice taste

Nice taste, I guess better than most.

Matcha Fuel 2 Month Supply

Game changer!

I have been using this for over 3 weeks now. I used to have 4-6 cups of coffee to keep me going.
I have one matcha latte in the morning,and NO coffee at all. My energy levels are so much better and I feel I have more clarity. I can honestly say Matcha is WONDER-FUEL!!

Hi Jamie,

Thanks a ton for sharing your feedback!

I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying Matcha Fuel, and you've managed to cut out the coffee!

We really appreciate your support, so if there is anything you need help with or any questions that come up, please let us know.

First Matcha review

Very good product and after a week of taking it I think I’m starting to see the benefits. More focussed throughout the day and also not napping when I get home from work (I do quite a physical job so often fall asleep unplanned for an hour or so when I get home). Very good product 👍🏻

Hi Robert,

Thanks so much! I'm really happy to hear that's it's working so well for you.

Your support and kind words really do mean a lot to us. :)

Please do keep me posted on any other feedback you might have!

Well recommended

Best macha ever had


Thanks I emailed to find out where my delivery of my matcha was and had a quick response which put me at ease knowing I was a valued customer. Thanks.

This really helped me

I've had some minor issues when knowing how much matcha to use, i'm very sensitive to caffeine so i need to know the exact measurements that i'm consuming daily. It was great when matcha fuel recommended me an exact amount, and even better when they came out with the exact measurement in a spoon! This really is the perfect amount for the nicest taste (not to weak or strong) and a great standard amount for a daily caffeine kick! Also i love a good quality utensil and this is certainly one that will last a lifetime of dishwashing! :)

Matcha subscription

Great product, daily staple for me

Would Highly recommend

After starting using Macha Fuel I have felt more alert and don't seem to have that afternoon sluggish feeling I would normally have. I have also found I am sleeping better at night which is a massive thing for me personally!

Would highly recommend this to anyone and if you have been looking at this for a while like I was take the plunge it is 100% worth it!!


Changed my life!! Quick shipping and quality product. Thanks

Amazing stuff

I’m so pleased with this matcha. I stay fully focused throughout the day without the buzz and jitters I got from coffee and no more afternoon slump. Amazing stuff.

Love it

Bamboo mixer makes all the difference

Pretty Green Matcha Machine

Can’t get enough,,,,, I love it!

I make face mask, drinks, desserts, ice cream, chia matcha pudding,,,,, and much more!


I’ve been drinking matcha for about two weeks now. I’ve had improved sleep (and I already slept well before) a good level of energy and my resting heart rate has slightly improved too (and it was already pretty good). I’ve not really changed anything else in my diet/routine so the matcha must be a part of it! 😊
I still drink my usual black coffee as well and enjoy the variation now. Signed up to a subscription so I know I won’t be without. Definitely get the bamboo whisk - otherwise it’s hard to make it as smooth as possible. 😊

Hi Samantha, thank you for taking the time to leave a review :). We're so happy to hear how it's made an improvement to your sleep and energy levels.

matcha fuel

very easy to make and amazing quality giving me energy i need without caffeine:)

Hi Fern, thank you for the kind feedback. We appreciate your support and we're so happy to hear you're getting the energy you need.

Quality product

Comparatively good value , good packaging , prompt delivers . Good website ,with reasuring quality info .

Hi Miles, thank you for taking the time to leave a review, we really appreciate it (it's made our day) :).


Matcha arrived and I couldn't wait to get started, I now have a matcha latte with oat milk as I am dairy free, it has a dark chocolate flavour to it, having low energy levels because of menopause this has helped and I am back training from home again in my home gym, I definitely feel better in my gut also, well done James and all the matcha team 😀 I love this and can't wait to try it in my shakes 😀 Wendy x

Thank you Wendy for the lovely review! We're delighted to hear you're back training again in your home gym! We really appreciate the support.

No change...yet!

Had my order for approx 3weeks and will be honest haven't used it everyday recently because I hadn't noticed any difference in anything. However 1Feb I'm going to persevere, I like the taste either with just water or almond/ oat milk, probably need to give it more time

Hi Jaki, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Have your tried using more than 1/2 teaspoon per serving?