Heavy Metal Tested

Since 100% of the leaf is consumed, you're also ingesting all of the lead. If the tea leaves were high in lead, then the matcha becomes highly contaminated. 

Why is this a concern? Excessive exposure to lead can cause reduced brain function and motor skills. It's the most common contaminant in urban soils.

High levels of not only lead but other potentially dangerous metals are found in lesser quality matcha.


Heavy metals find their way into matcha when brands grow on huge industrial farms with poor soil quality and heavy reliance on chemical fertilisers and pesticides. They then skip the all important heavy metal checks to save their precious profit margins, resulting in matcha that is potentially toxic to our health.

Seeing this research made us even more determined to produce the healthiest, cleanest and safest matcha on the planet. This is why we only source the highest quality matcha and batch test our products to ensure they are 100% safe.